Our mission at Severe Nature Nigeria is to redefine the consumer habit of fashion in Africa. Streetwear has been designated a taboo like atmosphere in Africa viewing it as a minor and unlawful form of fashion. We aim to change this perception by giving Africa a comfortable and authentic introduction to the world of streetwear approaching each clothing piece with a definition of a culture and environment every consumer is familiar with.


Severe Nature Nigeria aims to bring quality urban trends and designs as well as top-notch products and services to it customers. We plan to connect with the communities in Africa through social events and community aid, helping to improve the society at every step however we can. With the ultimate goal of being recognized on a worldwide scale as the leading face of urban clothing in Africa, we plan to expand our sales and production to every country in Africa making each step in the process fully made in Africa from the idea down to the last stitch on each piece we present to our consumers. 


Note: all collections are based on a season to season schedule featuring exclusive limited pieces expressing a culture based vision.

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